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Trading Terms:


The Joinery Shop is the trading name of Richard Basford, the sole proprietor.


Work is estimated in advance and agreed by both parties and a work order created. Changes to specification and or quantities will change the value of the work order and must be agreed by both parties in writing.


A deposit will is required amounting to 50% of a work order in advance of raw materials being ordered and work starting.


For customers, without established credit accounts the final payment including any agreed changes to the value of the work order is due before delivery to site or pick up from the factory.


For customers with established credit accounts, final payment is due 30 days from the date of the Joinery Shop invoice.

To set up a credit account a period of successful cash trading is required in advance for 


Late payments will incur an interest rate of 8% above the current bank interest base rate per month or part of a month.


Title: The ownership (title) of all goods will not pass to the customer until payment has been made in full. In cases of non payment  The Joinery Shop reserve the, lawful, right to take possession of the goods or trace the goods and the proceeds of a sale of the goods with the customer, liquidator or receiver.




VAT Number: 744 7578 91



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