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Furniture and Fitted Kitchens 


The core skill of any professional joiner is the ability and pleasure taken in creating unique one-off pieces of furniture that become part of a home and part of your way of life. Working directly with you or a designer of your choice The Joinery Shop will work with you from the initial idea stage through the production of sketches and  mock ups and finally manufacturing the unique item. The process is exciting creative and intoxicating with a unique and beautiful outcome. 

Fitted Kitchens

Today the kitchen is definitely the heart of the home, perhaps an overused statement, but from our experience it is quite true. Today this space is more than just a collection of matching work benches and cupboards it has to be a working, relaxing and practical space. It has to provide for a wide range of uses depending on the time of day, time of year and the people using it. Every detail is crucial. Many of the Uk's leading interior designers become so because of their ability to design the perfect kitchen space. Every designer, however, needs an insightful, experiences and dedicated joiner! The proven ability of The Joinery Shop to seamlessly and diligently work hard on building each element and ensuring their integration into the finished job has led the team to become regular partners in many new kitchen builds and renovations.

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