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Commercial and Architectural Joinery  

Commercial Joinery

With over 20 years in business The Joinery Shop have experience working on a wide range of commercial projects. From historic restorations to modern, commercial, school and municipal buildings. Adherence to budget, timescales and quality are the key elements which have built the businesses reputation in the South of England. Involving the team at the early stages to advise on materials ensures that our experience will add to the overall success of a project, large or small. Richard Basford, the Managing Director, is always on hand to get involved in complex projects and would be happy to be consulted at any stage including initial scoping or budgeting.

Architectural Joinery

The South coast of England is a fertile environment for new home builders and architects and The Joinery Shop have been involved in many iconic new builds over the last 20 years. Modern materials and changes in the way we live and view the environment means that the use of sustainable materials is absolutely key to the overall success of a modern building. With the teams experience you can be confident that a close working relationship will be developed to work with you.

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