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Staircases and Balustrades


A staircase is an important part of your home and when designed sympathetically will enhance and make a huge difference to the way space is managed. With a rise in open plan living the staircase becomes an important element in the design of your home and today the scope for invention is huge. The Joinery shop uses the latest computerised joinery manufacturing equipment and with the huge variety of wood, glass, stainless steel and other materials available the company has experience to build incredible and unique solutions.  


An important part of the design or upgrade of a staircase is the integration of the balustrades that form the look of your home's staircase. The Joinery Shop's  team are experts in manufacturing a huge range of balustrades in wood for homes, businesses, historic  and municipal buildings. The team are experts in creating copies of historic designs to ensure restorations are perfect. They are also able to quickly and with upmost accuracy create the perfect replacement solutions to upgrade an old staircase as well as working closely with architects on new designs.

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